Project Showcase

1. Wastewater Sampling

MMA has successfully developed and implemented individual, site specific sampling programs for over 100 companies. MMA provides a dependable, exclusive, signatory wastewater and storm water sampling program. Complete turnkey analytical labwork and document preparation is available.

MMA maintains one of the largest industrial wastewater and storm water collection, analyzing, and reporting programs in the United States.  Expert engineers and certified sampling technicians insure proactive permit compliance.

2. Permitting

Numerous companies entrust MMA to prepare their facility permits and regulatory reports. In many cases, companies have discovered past deficiencies in these categories, either by non-filing, non-reporting, or errors in submitting information.

MMA has been able to resolve each and every categorical issue, in most cases without a fine being assessed by that particular agency. Whether it is a CAA emission inventory report (EIQ), a CAA operating permit, a TRI Form R,  a RMP, or a simple Tier II, MMA offers competent assistance.

3. Hazardous Waste

Whether you have one drum a quarter, or 100 drums a month, MMA has a program for your company. 

A plating company had over 400  orphan drums of heavy metals and cyanides. A leading disposal company wanted $50,000 to test, profile, and prepare these drums for a  disposal pickup.  They estimated disposal costs at an additional $200,000 plus. MMA provided testing, profiling, shipping, and disposal for less than half of what the consulting company estimated as a standard amount.

Another company was disposing of flammables at bargain basement prices.  Management changed and demanded that all RCRA wastes be disposed of through TSDs least likely to achieve downstream superfund status.  MMA was called and now provides exclusive hazardous waste disposal for a number of this corporation's facilities thoughout the United States.

A small quantity generator now uses MMA for complete turnkey waste disposal.  MMA's One Call HazWaste Program arranges shipping dates, manifests, drum labels, and drum prep.

MMA maintains agreements with a number of RCRA permitted and inspected disposal facilities (TDSs). Hazardous and special wastes are profiled for the best suitable facility. MMA strives to use TDSs that offer the least short and long term liability. MMA periodically audits these TDSs.

4. Underground / aboveground storage tanks.

MMA was engaged to close 27 chemical USTS grouped in three separate pods; 18 by removal and 9 by closure in place. The closure in place component of this project required a good deal of ingenuity and engineering to comply with EPA law, accomplish all environmental testing requirements, maintain safety, and avoid structural damage to the piers, walls, and building floors.

This project was successfully completed within the original quote and within the project timeframe with no downtime. MMA does not engage the traditional profit expanding change orders and will stick to the quoted price.

MMA's tank management, removal, and abatement program provides a very efficient, professional, and economical alternative to the typical out of the box, expensive approaches of commercial consultants and contractors.

5. Tank Farms

MMA can build as well!

MMA designed and constructed an above ground tank farm consisting of ten 10,000 gallon storage and distribution tanks.

6. Remediation

Whether your contaminated plume impacts 50 cubic yards or 500,000 cubic yards, MMA can help. Whether it is soils, waters, or wetlands, MMA is your answer.

MMA has experience and expertise in remediating petroleum products and chemical products. MMA has developed unique and superior applications to match with specific contaminants. MMA is able to provide traditional and conventional methods of remedial technology as well as breakthrough methodology.

MMA has completed and received formal closure on a number of successful chemical and petroleum bio-remediation projects. MMA has a history of providing professional and competent site remediation at fair prices.

7. Regulatory Assistance

MMA is a recognized third party entity employing and bringing logical and practical application to compliance and/or penalty negotiation with EPA, TOSCA, RCRA, CAA, CWA, and OSHA regulatory agencies.

Historically, MMA has proven to be a very positive factor and influence in the final determination and mitigation of compliance excursions and/or issues.

8. OSHA Compliance

MMA provides access to exceptional OSHA oriented benefits, services, and programs. A recognized major risk management tool is the free optional OSHA annual facility walk through. Experienced compliance auditors will walk through your facility and advise of compliance status. This is an extremely effective risk and liability minimizer.

MMA assists members and clients in the definition, interpretation, development and implementation of the various OSHA rules, standards, and mandated safety programs and in the arbitration of compliance issues.

9. Audits

MMA members and clients requiring either environmental or safety audits can rely on MMA to provide the correct and best resources needed. The value of a third party, independent audit is recognized and encouraged by regulatory agencies.

10. Industrial Hygiene

From molds to air exposures, area sampling to individual employee monitoring, certified MMA industrial hygienists deliver the professional, competent, and comprehensive means to complete your project.

11. Miscellaneous Services

MMA always leads from the front and believes in maintaining cutting edge technology and awareness. Members and clients have and continue to engage MMA on projects of such uniqueness that they would tax the resources and ability of competitors. MMA has always proven to be a solid first choice.