Questions and Answers

1. Who is the MMA?

The MMA is a diverse group of American manufacturers and employers that have united in a sensible, common ground to Environmental and Safety compliance and management.

2. What is the MMA?

The MMA is a co-operative organization with a main mission and philosophy to provide individual members and clients an opportunity to engage ethical, competent, professional resolution at modest competitive rates without re-invention of the wheel. MMA has historically and consistently put the interest of the member or client as foremost and absolute. MMA is a topical and up-to-the-minute, in-the-trench, working co-operative.

3. What the MMA is not.

The MMA is not a typical opportunistic or predatory commercial enterprise seeking billable hours and change orders. MMA is also not a social or fraternal organization.

4. The staff.

The MMA employs competent, experienced, professional individuals. Many of these team leaders and project managers are former regulatory personnel. MMA also employs a large staff of project specialists with part-time status. This allows for reduced overhead, the resultant savings of which are passed on to the member or client.

5. How we help you.

Whether you are an experienced, knowledgeable expert or just a person knowing a little more than the boss, MMA can provide all the turnkey tools, drivers, and expertise to resolve that special problem, task, or help you develop a better means of completion. Projects and services are provided directly to you as the point of contact. No product is too small or too large; no question too basic or too complex.

6. What to expect.

Members and clients expect a professionally dedicated co-operative, capable of providing swift resolve or direction in any environmental or safety matter.

7. What the records say.

MMA has and continues to provide excellent services to a broad range of manufacturers and employers. Growth, renewal membership and repeat clients are a tribute to the quality and success of the MMA co-operative philosophy.  MMA is recognized by regulatory agencies for its high profile, exceptional reputation.